What is MoonTrust?

MoonTrust App allows users to connect their software wallets to their mobile numbers and MoonTrust ID. Users are able to use our app to send crypto assets to their friends via MoonTrust ID. The final confirmation will still be done by their native software wallets. Our app simplifies the complexity of ensuring the right public address is entered for users friends and family. Users with common tokens in our platform can also chat with each other in the specific token channel. Token amount will be displayed for transparency.

Let your tokens do the talking for you!

MoonTrust Platform

To upgrade your old MoonTrust (MNTT) please use the "Exchange" button in the platform to receive MoonTrustBSC (MNTTBSC)

Note: Desktop Browser only.


A Platform For All

Connect with Friends

Add your friends. Chat with your friends. See what mutual tokens both of you holds. Also check payment history between you and your friends, including what the payment is for.


Request or receive payments from friends with a single touch of a button. Our app detects all the tokens an user holds. The final confirmation is done via user's software wallet. MoonTrust does not have access to your funds. Our app translate userIDs, token type, and amount into data that is used by your software wallet.

Tax Based Token

Transactions are taxed from 0-10% based on amount traded. Check whitepaper for the tax bracket. 25% of tax is burned. 25% is sent to staking pool as reward. 50% of tax is send to MoonTrust Tax Wallet for development, marketing, and operating expenses for the project.

Token Group Chats

MoonTrust offers group chats for each individual tokens in the chain. Token holders are able to join and chat with each other.

Custom Group Chats

Create specific token holding requirements to join groups. This allows creators or friends to create their own tokens and use our platform to chat with their users. Holders who fails to meet the token requirement will be automatically kicked by our system.

Audited and KYC-ed

Audited by Solidity.Finance

The New MoonTrustBSC (MNTTBSC) token is audited by Solidity.Finance. The report can be found at their website by clicking below.

KYC-ed by IDOPreSales

MoonTrust Founders have verified their identity with IDOPreSales via their KYC Service. For more details please click below.


Our Roadmap











How to buy MoonTrust?

Contract Address: 0xe9406b73d4F54572E27d60479905723DE08E689e

You can buy MoonTrust Tokens on Pancake Swap via WBNB:MNTT pair. 

If you need detailed explanation, please check out the video below by one of our community holders.

Note the video below is from an old MoonTrust contract, please replace with the correct address above. 

Note2: if you are trading old token, please use Pancake V1. 

Note3: old token address is 0x390037d710c86f88f05174599425b77c72eda305

Our Team

Lin Qiang Wang​


Dr. Rostislav

Head of design

Wei Yuan


Nishant Bijani

Blockchain Developer

Jake Mowatt

Legal Consultant


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